Vintage League Music

Vintage League Music is a record label created and curated by musician (Soulive, AE3) , studio owner and producer Alan Evans working together with Label partner Robert Fleming.

Vintage League Music is committed to releasing high quality, authentic soulful music with a focus on blending an old school music production feel with a modern dynamic take on the music. Many of the releases are recorded at Alan’s acclaimed Iron Wax Studios and all benefit from Alan’s recognised reputation for tasteful, high quality music making.

The label embraces modern music digital distribution whilst recognising the love many music fans still have for quality physical releases so expect releases that encompass digital, vinyl and CD.

Partnering with some of the world’s leading music distributors, expect worldwide distribution with an existing 2019 release schedule!

About Alan Evans


Multi Instrumentalist. Producer. Engineer. At his core, Alan Evans is an artist, doubling his talents as musician with his ear for quality and precision as a producer, recording, and mixing engineer. Sporting an impressive body of work, (with credits in front of and behind the mic) a slice of Alan’s discography includes: Soulive, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Toots and the Maytalls, Alan Evans Trio and Moonboot Lover. Mention the name Alan Evans to a room full of music lovers, and you will get a consensus nod at one of the most celebrated and tenacious drummers in the jazz, funk, and soul scene.

A producer, recording engineer, guitarist, percussionist, vocalist and writer, Alan’s repertoire of skills have been perfected with two decades of dedication. Alan has had his hand on the mixing boards for many years. Co-founder, writer and drummer of Soulive for 20 years, Alan Evans co-produced, recorded, and mixed the majority of their work. Alan still tours the world with Soulive, and has shared the stage with legends including Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Dave Matthews, John Scofield, and the list goes on!

When off the road, Alan is the chief engineer and producer at Iron Wax Studios staying busy recording / mixing and producing a wide array of projects. The studio is also production headquarters for Vintage League Music.

Alan grew up in Buffalo, NY in the 1980’s. There were strong musical influences in Alan’s life from the very beginning. To say that the Evans family is musical is to say that the Kennedy family has a proclivity for politics. The record player spun in the Evans household the way the TV blared in many other homes. Alan’s father, Willie, and his older brother Rod played DJ and the assembly of vinyl they accrued was broad and vast. Miles Davis, Jimmy Smith, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Kool & the Gang, Jimi Hendrix, the Headhunters – these were just some of the sounds emanating out of the Evans living room.

“First and foremost, I am a music lover. There is nothing better than discovering and falling in love with a new song or album. Something that you put on repeat and listen to for hours, days, weeks. Music that transports you to another world, a place meant just for you. This is what drives me to make music and help others bring their music to fruition.”

About Iron Wax Studios


Iron Wax is the sonic home of Vintage League Music.

Iron Wax is an analog / digital hybrid studio in Western Massachusetts run by Alan Evans. The studio features Handsome Audio’s Zulu (the world’s first passive analog tape simulator). We also have a great collection of new and vintage microphones, amps and instruments. Most importantly, Iron Wax has a great vibe and a very experienced engineer / producer in Alan Evans.

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