Alan Evans

Alan Evans steps from behind the drum kit to release his first solo album 'Nothing To Say' . And what an epic album it is! Spanning genres of psychedelic rock, funk, soul to produce a unique sound and a powerful set of songs. The album features Alan on vocals, drums, guitar and bass - aided by an incredible cast of musicians including Neal Evans, Danny Mayer, Kris Yunker, Darby Wolf, Beau Sasser, Ryan Hommel.

Recorded over a period of 4 years the record brings together all the aspects of the music making Alan is known and respected for through his work with music icons ' Soulive' - quality, tasteful songwriting, incredible drumming. But adds to it some he is until this point less known for - amazing vocal performances and genres of music which blend together to create a very special album.

'Nothing To Say' will be released in the Spring of 2019.



Nothing To Say   Coming Spring 2019

Nothing To Say

Coming Spring 2019

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