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Alan Evans
on Drums and Vocals

Kris Yunker
on Hammond Organ, Bass, Clavinet

Danny Mayer
on Guitar


There is something undeniably special when a band of three clicks.  Some would say finding three good musicians playing music together isn’t a hard task.  Finding seasoned artists who can make a trio sound a band twice their size, well that’s special.  Ae3, a power soul organ trio consisting of Alan Evans (Soulive), Danny Mayer (Eric Krasno Band) and Kris Yunker (Jen Durkin and the Business) is certainly special.  

Evans, Mayer and Yunker have spent years individually and collectively touring the world bringing the soulful music they love to a captive audience.  Each of these musicians are true artists who have bold and confident voices yet they create one massive sound together that is truly their own.

With two albums under their belt 2019 will see the release of ‘The Wild Root’, Ae3’s first new album in five years.  This new album certainly shows the growth of each member and thus, AE3.


Listen to samples of the brand new Ae3 album ‘The Wild Root’



The Wild Root   Coming Spring 2019

The Wild Root

Coming Spring 2019



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