Spotify Sampler: Iron Wax Studios

Enjoy a Spotify playlist featuring tracks recorded by Alan Evans at Iron Wax Studios.

“I was about 11 or 12 when I got my first electric guitar. It was a brand new black Cort Stratocaster copy. Prior to getting this guitar I used to frequent Top Shelf Music on Elmwood to look at all of the Fender Strats and dream. My parents finally agreed to getting me an electric but the Fender wasn’t to be. I absolutely loved that Cort though. Neal and I had a few bands that got the occasional gig but we mostly recorded in our parents basement. The first configuration was Neal on drums, our good friend Melvin Huffnagle on bass and me on guitar. The second band had our friend Micah Sobczyk on bass though he was actually a guitarist. I had a Gorilla amp that stayed on 10 and sounded glorius. One night we had a gig playing a basement party. I borrowed a friends Kustom amp and a couple of cabinets. I had some crazy stereo thing going which I was loving until I noticed I couldn’t hear the cabinet from my right ear. That was about the same time I smelled something burning. I opened my eyes, looked to my right and saw smoke coming from the cabinet which cleared the basement of all partiers.

As the years went on and I got back into playing drums, my Cort sat quite a bit more in a dusty corner and eventually moved on to someone else. From then on I would borrow my bandmate Peter Prince’s guitars as he had plenty to go around. After Neal and I left Moon Boot Lover in 1996, I went into retirement. I stopped playing music all together and got myself my first real job in a restaurant. With that came my first tax refund and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!! It was 1997 and I was living in Buffalo at the time. So I went over to Top Shelf Music which was now on Hertel Ave. and I checked out some Strats. Of course I wanted the classic late 60’s early 70’s large headstock vibe but luckily owner Scott Freilich handed me the Strat I did not want at all. I told him what I wanted and he handed me a early 90’s Japanese ‘54 reissue Fender Stratocaster. “Buddy Holly?!?!” I said. Scott told me I could certainly buy any guitar in there but I should trust him, “this is the one”.

Many guitars have come and gone but I still have my beloved ‘54 reissue. I wrote Uncle Jr. and Steppin in our San Diego apartment when I knew it was time for Neal and I to start a new band. It has traveled the world with me and has been my musical best friend. I have written and recorded countess songs with it. Many great guitarists have used it on their recording sessions as well. You could blindfold me and hand me 20 Strats and I could pick it out in an instant. It has helped me through amazingly tough times and helped me create amazingly great times. I just wanted to thank Scott for introducing the perfect instrument to me so many years ago. I’m eternally grateful.

Here is a short playlist of some of my favorite songs I’ve played my ‘54 on….”

-Alan Evans

Robert Fleming