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Black Rider

Black Rider’ lays down a powerful, hook-laden groove about persevering obstacles in life by finding your inner strength,” Evans explains about the track. “Most of these struggles we go through… People on the outside don’t notice or just don’t care but in finding that inner strength and peace, one becomes a Black Rider. The Black Rider navigates the hardships of life with strength, precision, and grace in the shadows like a ninja.



Alan Evans

Nothing To Say

Alan Evans steps from behind the drum kit to release his first solo album 'Nothing To Say' . And what an epic album it is! Spanning genres of psychedelic rock, funk, soul to produce a unique sound and a powerful set of songs. The album features Alan on vocals, drums, guitar and bass - aided by an incredible cast of musicians including Neal Evans, Danny Mayer, Kris Yunker, Darby Wolf, Beau Sasser, Ryan Hommel.

Recorded over a period of 4 years the record brings together all the aspects of the music making Alan is known and respected for through his work with music icons ' Soulive' - quality, tasteful songwriting, incredible drumming. But adds to it some he is until this point less known for - amazing vocal performances and genres of music which blend together to create a very special album.

'Nothing To Say' will be released in the Spring of 2019.



Crowd Company

Live at the Jazz Cafe

Crowd Company release their 3rd album, this one a live album recorded at a sold out gig at London’s famous ‘Jazz Café’ venue. The album was recorded live and mixed by Alan Evans at Iron Wax studios. The album is full of energy , dynamism, tight grooves and superb musicianship. The band combine a Hammond organ based sound with a virtuoso horn section, killer rhythm section and 3 outstanding soulful singers, often blending multi-part harmonies.

Crowd Company are an acclaimed 8 piece soul funk band who’s last studio album ‘Stone&Sky’ received rave reviews and radio airplay, including being named in the “Top 10 Best Funk & Soul Albums of 2017” by AXS.

“If you want exceptional funk Crowd Company has it” The Huffington Post

“Infectious grooves” Glide magazine

“At the forefront of the British funk scene.” Music-News

Released April 12, 2019


Crowd Company

Stone & Sky

Crowd Company, the critically acclaimed 8-piece funk soul London based band, has confirmed details on their upcoming album Stone & Sky, out October 20th on the newly minted indie imprint Vintage League Music (VLM), founded by Soulive’s Alan Evans. The album is also produced by Evans at the infamous Iron Wax Studio in Millers Falls, MA and is available on vinyl, CD, and digitally. Three 7-inch vinyl singles will also be released featuring songs from the upcoming album and distributed by Fat Beats.

Sample Press So Far:

“A delicious album, if you want exceptional funk Crowd Company has it” – The Huffington Post

“At the forefront of modern British funk” **** 4 Stars Music-News

“An absolute gem” **** 4 Stars Blues & Soul magazine

“Infectious grooves, makes the world funkier” Glide magazine

“Filled with classic funk & soul sounds” AXS

“Sophisticated songwriting, devastating grooves!” Music Culture

Stone and Sky was recorded in Massachusetts at Iron Wax Studio and produced by Soulive’s Alan Evans. After gigging around Europe for two years supporting their debut, Now or Never, the band felt their unit was strong enough to get back in to the Studio. “This album was really about capturing a ‘record’ of who we are as a band at this moment. There are 4 principal songwriters on Stone and Sky, mostly working in teams of 2. Each brings something a little different and yet it fuses into an overall sound of the band.”

Released November 9, 2017

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The Wild Root

There is something undeniably special when a band of three clicks. Some would say finding three good musicians playing music together isn’t a hard task. Finding seasoned artists who can make a trio sound a band twice their size, well that’s special. Ae3, a power soul organ trio consisting of Alan Evans (Soulive), Danny Mayer (Eric Krasno Band) and Kris Yunker (Jen Durkin and the Business) is certainly special.

Evans, Mayer and Yunker have spent years individually and collectively touring the world bringing the soulful music they love to a captive audience. Each of these musicians are true artists who have bold and confident voices yet they create one massive sound together that is truly their own.

2019 will see the release of ‘The Wild Root’, Ae3’s first new album in five years. This new album certainly shows the growth of each member and thus, Ae3.

Wild Root will be released in June 2019.


Johnny Trama & Toussaint The Liberator

Jonny Trama is one of Boston’s pre-eminent guitarists. He teams up with highly acclaimed roots/soul singer Toussaint The Liberator (formerly of Soulive) for a blistering single release ‘Dreamin’ and Screamin’.